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Autonomous Semi-Trucks and How It Relates To Trucking Insurance

Jun 17, 2022
Self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality after years of development. Uber, Waymo, and other technology startups are leading the charge......
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Infrastructure Bill: How Will Trucking Companies Be Affected Positively (Growth?)

Apr 28, 2022
We've been hearing about this for a long time, but the United States Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was formally signed into law in mid-November...
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What Trucking Insurance Do I Need To Become An Amazon Relay Owner Operator?

Apr 21, 2022
Amazon secretly introduced Relay in 2017, making it easier for truckers to pick up and drop off items at the retail giant's warehouses. Today, Relay has expanded and evolved to assist carriers...
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Everything You'll Want to Know About Trucking Insurance for Your Business

Apr 01, 2022
As a “General Freight” or “For Hire” common carrier, you'll want to protect your precious fleet. With the increasing risk of truck accidents in the U.S., you can't afford to leave your business without coverage...
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