Small Fleet Trucking Insurance

Small Trucking fleets as it relates to insurance are typically consist of anywhere between 3-10 Trucks in the fleet. When your company is considered a small fleet there are many new challenges you face on a daily basis. Your agent should be knowledgeable and provide more than just a small fleet trucking insurance quote (That is the easy part).

As a small fleet here are a few things we can help you with:

  • Small Fleet Trucking Insurance Quotes
  • Growth potential with no limits
  • Help with Driver Screening through MVR’s (Motor Vehicle Records)
  • Insurance options for your owner operators
  • Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Devices Driver Screening and training
  • Free Fuel Card – with Discount savings provided to all
  • State and Federal insurance trucking fillings
  • Online Access to 24/7 Certificates of Insurance (COI’s)
  • Claims oversight and assistance with licensed claims adjuster
  • Critical Form and documentation (Trailer Interchange agreements, sample lease contracts etc.)

What are the Trucking Insurance Requirements for Small Fleets?

  • Trucking Liability Insurance – this is typically written at $1,000,000 (one million dollars) and covers your company for Bodily injury liability and property damage. The Federal Motor Carriers Administration (FMCSA) requires all Trucking companies with their own authority to carry a minimum of $750,000 dollars of liability coverage, although the industry norm is $1,000,000 of liability coverage for over 90% of your freight brokers.
  • Motor Truck Cargo (Cargo Liability) Insurance – Covers for the damage or loss of the freight, load, or cargo that you are hauling. This is typically written at a $100,000 limit with certain exceptions.
  • Physical Damage – Pays for the repairs your truck or trailer may have as a result of an accident. The damage can be caused by another vehicle or another object. You will typically want to insure up to the vehicles replacement value when placing physical damage insurance on your truck or trailer.
  • Truckers General Liability – typically written at 1/2Million in general liability coverage and often confused with Primary trucking liability (It is not Trucking Liability). This will provide you coverage for injuries or property damage that you or your company cause in which are Not Related to trucking.

At Road Ready Insurance Agency our agents can provide you with a competitive small fleet insurance quote. Our agents are trucking specialists and focus solely in the commercial trucking and transportation industry.

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